Regional Task Force Affiliates

‚ÄčThe State Task Force actively supports individuals and organizations interested in establishing a regional special education task force.  Assistance can include but is not limited to:

  • Identifying and recruiting regional stakeholders reflecting diverse perspectives to assist in development of a regional task force;

  • Providing information, guidance and feedback in person and by phone at meetings;

  • Providing ideas for task force events including topics and speakers, as well as providing speakers if needed;

  • Providing timely and objective analysis of proposed changes in State laws and policies that impact students with disabilities for discussion at the regional level;

  • Providing forms and guidance for announcements, marketing, and data collection;

  • Providing a list serv for regional affiliate communications and access to the State Task Force list serv; and

  • Providing a web forum for the Regional Affiliate on the State Task Force website.

For additional information about establishing a

Regional Affiliate Task Force

contact Julie Keegan at or (518) 432-7861.

Establishing a Regional Affiliate of the
State Special Ed Task Force