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Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Students with Disabilities:  Building Effective School & Community Partnerships

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A1: Managing Communication among Schools, Parents, Medical Providers, and Community Agencies

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A2: Reducing Stress and Building Effective Communication in CSE Meetings: Practical Strategies Based on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

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A3: Social Skills Intervention for Adolescents with Disabilities in Schools: the PEERS Program
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B1: Vaccination and Students with Disabilities
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B2: Restraint and Time Out Rooms: Prevention and Best Practices
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C1: Supported Decision-Making: A Viable Alternative to Guardianship for Students with Disabilities

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C2: Pre-employment Youth & Transition Services
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C3: Student Voices Matter: The Path to Civic Engagement and Voting for Youth with Disabilities
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Voter Registration Toolkit

24th Annual NYS Special Education Task Force Conference

Special Education Task Force Conference